30 Day Accountability & Support Program

“I recently met Renee and am excited to start working with her. She is very professional and uplifting. I left our meeting with few great tips on how to better organize my time and business. Renee has a great accountability program that I will absolutely be partaking in!”

— Kharis Davey,Pruvers,  Pruvit

“Renee is extremely knowledgeable in marketing and outsourcing administrative work. I am always grateful for her advice, which I hope to implement in my business practice. I look forward to working with her more in the near future and encourage others to do the same!”

—Tawfig Rahman, Intellispire.org

“I had a very informative meeting with Renee today, so professional. I did not realize how much Renee can do to help a small business person organize their thoughts and execute them in different formats. I have been a small business owner for the past 29 years and I can speak from experience that we don’t have time to always work on our businesses as we should. Renee’s expertise is very valuable and a stress reliever when you get overwhelmed with starting a new project you need to implement.”

— Lawrence Kennedy, Financial Advisor,  Northwestern Mutual

“Renee of MDR Administrative Consulting offered some great tips on time management at the Yorktown Master Networks meeting this morning. I love how she keeps all of her business stuff organized in one place so she’s always ready to go. The best advice she gave was about keeping track of your business receipts.”

— Michelle Cunningham, Zen Your Closet

“Renee is wonderful. I spent 20 minutes with her and she gave me so many great ideas to improve my business. She is always offering suggestions and has great ideas. I have seen her in a support role at events and she is so helpful. Everyone needs Renee.”

— Stacy Hendrie, FitStop Delivers

“Can’t say enough for all the support and professional guidance I have received and continue to receive from Renee. Don’t even second guess calling her. She’s amazing! Thank you Renee!!”

— Rhodella Hughes, Owner, Yoga in the Adirondacks & Young Living Distributor

“THANK YOU to Renee and MDR Administrative Consulting Services! As a new business owner I never understood how thin my time would be spread. Since I did not have staff, I was spending many hours on business activities that were not generating closed business. With Renee’s help, she was able to take on projects, without any guidance and increased my marketing activity while opening up my time with customers! Thank you so much, I am so glad to be working with you :)”

— Julia Moore, President, J. Moore Insurance

“Renee is great, always great ideas to marketing our business”

— Wilda Lopez, Owner, Wilda’s Cleaning Services

“MDR has helped me get organized and create a plan that works for my business and keeps me on track on my goals. And with their help has increased my business. I would highly recommend contacting them for a consultation.”

— Nancy Stingone, Owner, Unique Designs Creations Gift Baskets

Renee is wonderful. I spent 20 minutes with her and she gave me so many great ideas to improve my business. She is always offering suggestions and has great ideas. I have seen her in a support role at events and she is so helpful. Everyone needs Renee.

—Stacy Hendrie, Owner  Fitstop Delivers 

“Renee is invaluable! She has helped me with several tasks from scanning receipts to send to my bookkeeper, to managing my contact database, to creating e-mail blasts to advertise a new service my company is offering. I began watching the things that were taking up my time during the day and realized that Renee could handle a lot of them. I’d recommend her to any business owner who feels overwhelmed.”

— Lynn Amos, Owner and Creative Director, Fyne Lyne Ventures LLC

“If you want organization and profitability in your business, MDR Administrative Consulting Services is the way to go! Renee is very hands on, very organized and friendly and provides great service. Renee will follow up and keep your business on track. If you want results, Renee is the person to call.”

— Patricia DiPoalo, Owner. BeScene Studio

Renee was fabulous and so organized! She gave great ideas to create a more productive Mary Kay office. I wish I could have her everyday! Dara- Mary Kay Sr. Sales Director

— Dara Pickston Scott, Mary Kay Sr.Sales Director

“I had a 1-Hour Business Consulting Session with Renee and it was priceless. She really does her homework and all different ideas to grow from. Renee gave me a new starting point and motivation that was much needed. I was stuck and now I know which path to take. Thank you.”

— Elena Monaco, CEO, EM Organized

“I teamed up with Renee a few months ago to help me get a monthly newsletter out to my business email contacts. Working with Renee has been such a pleasure. She is prompt and professional with her tips and ideas. She researches the monthly newsletter content and has always put out top notch quality work month after month. I would highly recommend working with Renee for any of your administrative needs.”

— Leslie Barrick

 “Renee was great!  She walked me through each and every step of posting my first newsletter from the design to the wording in addition to making suggestions going forward on the next newsletter.  Renee  made sure I was happy with each and every aspect of my newsletter.”

“The end result was a very professional, well-worded newsletter for which I received very positive feedback from the readers.”

— Karen Doman, Professional Chef, Dishin It

 Renee’s expertise has kept my business on track and running smoothly. Renee’s customer service and organizational skills are outstanding. She takes pride in her work and meets deadlines given. I recommend MDR Administrative Consulting Services to anyone who is in need of office support. MDR’S work is high quality and has saved me time so I am more productive with my business.

— Dianne Abrams, Westchester Cat & Home Sitting

 “Renee has been invaluable to me as a real estate agent. Their professionalism and attention to detail has helped me serve my clients in the purchasing and listing in their homes. There are many steps involved in real estate transactions and Renee has allowed the process to proceed seamlessly. I can recommend Renee to anyone or business who requires the expertise in admin support.”

— Susan Heyer