Start the New Year with a New Beginning

There are a few weeks left before we start to celebrate the holidays and ring in the new year. By setting yourself up in your business will lead into a smooth transition by following these few tips.

  • Delete unwanted emails and unsubscribe to emails that no longer service a purpose
  • Move import emails to your archive folder
  • Keep your client email in their own folder
  • Create folders for 2018
This will keep you from being overwhelmed and be able to start new business when you return back to work.
  • Create and name your folder to keep specific emails
  • Put documents saved on your desktop in a folder for easier access
  • Files not used for 6 months or more, delete or place in a archive folder, with the year and name of the file
  • Sort files to suit your needs by date or groups
By having your files organized and in order you will be able to retrieve documents quickly and be more productive in your day.
Another Tip:
Have your desk free from paper work, mail, phone messages, etc. This will help you to return to work with a clear mind and without any delays. Have your voicemail/email response reflect your plans for the holidays. Once your have your business in order, you can take a step back and enjoy the company of family and friends.

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