Set Time to Organize your Email Inbox

Categorize your Emails

Create a folder such as Clients, Meetings, Employees, etc. Once you have established and name your folder, you can create sub categories underneath the named folder which can include client names, months, years, etc. Remember to Categorize first, address your message and file into the category.

Delete Unwanted Emails

Instead of reviewing opened emails over and over again, file it or delete it.   If your are not sure about keeping an email, file it. Delete what is not important in your inbox.  It will help you to see if you need to keep each email that arrives to your inbox.

Answer Emails Quickly

Once you have opened an email, decide how you want to respond and click “Send”. Waiting to long to answer an email can bring question to the party who sent it. If you can’t answer the email at the moment, sent a reminder for yourself and reply back before the end of the day. 

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