Redefine Your Idea of Networking

Marketing Strategies to Grow your Business
This month I was asked by Andrea Milioti, the founder W I W Women Inspiring Women Network  to be guest speaker at her meeting. The topic I spoke on was Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business. The 5 steps I shared were Prioritizing Your Time, Craft your Ideal Client, Networking your Business and the Art of the Soft Close. Networking your business is the key to your success. Meet new people, be a guest speaker and attract new business!

Networking your Business

The importance to networking is to build relationships that are based on trust. Attending networking events will help you to find your “ideal client”. Also, giving presentations will help others to understand what you do and how your services/products can help their business.

After each presentation you give, hand out a feedback form to be completed and returned to you. This will help you to know  who is  interested in your services.

What is your Marketing Message 


Your “elevator speech” is a term to describe what you do in a very short amount of time. Deliver your speech within 20 seconds to a 1 minute. This will keep your potential clients from slipping through your fingers and asking for your business card.
The ingredients to a successful elevator speech is to say your name, what you do, who you work with, what separates your business from others and your call to action. Once you practice and memorize your speech, it will be easy to get attention.

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