Promote your Business with Social Media

Tell your customers that you’re on Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn.

Use phrases like, “We’ve gone Social! ‘Like’ our Facebook Page and ,” “Follow us on Twitter,” or “We’d like to connect with you on LinkedIn.” You could find creative ways to encourage your customers to follow or connect with you: “Write on our wall and tell us how you use our product, or offer tips to other customers.”

Social Media will help to drive interest and customers to your business. Here are some easy tips:

• Set up a business page on Facebook and post special offers, events, etc.
• Post polls/surveys on your Facebook page that ask customers questions related to your products or services.

• On Twitter tweet interesting facts about your business. Share links to the product/services on your site.
• Send out short tips how to use your services or products.

• Create a LinkedIn profile and add links to your website.
• Update your profile with new links, product reviews, so that this information appears to all the people in your network.
• Join groups that may be popular with many of your customers and frequently post questions or comments related to the products or services you offer.

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