Prepare Your Business for the Holidays!

This is the time of the year when businesses may start to slow down during the holiday season. Here a few tips for you to plan ahead to ensure your momentum keeps going into the New Year!

Social Media Activities

Schedule your promotional efforts on social media ahead of time. This will keep your customers in touch with you during the holidays.

Showing Your Appreciation

Prepare holiday cards to send to your customers/clients and mail the first week of December. Include a note of appreciation, and holiday blessing. In case it is close to the holiday season, you may also send your holiday cards online.

New Leads

As you are heading to your holiday parties, make sure you have your business cards. You may find someone in need of your products/services. Ask when is a good time to follow up with them, write this information on the back of their business card or in your planner.

Out Of The Office

Be sure your voicemail/out of office email responses reflect your plans for the holidays. This will let your clients know not to expect a response right away. Have your important files available in your Drop Box for easy access for those important times in case needed while you are out of the office.

Clean Up Your Inbox

Emails that are over one month old, delete or put in an archive folder. Address emails that need to be taken care of before you leave for the day or for the holiday season. This will keep you from being overwhelmed and be able to start new business when you return to work.

Have Your Desk Organized

This is probably the last thing you want to do before you leave to enjoy your holiday. Have your desk free from paper work, mail, phone messages, etc. This will help you to return to work with a clear mind and without any delays!

Enjoy The Holidays

Once you have your business in order, you can take a step back, and enjoy the company of family and friends you may only see this time of year. Talk about the old times, share pictures of the family, and don’t worry about your diet! That will be your New Year’s resolution!

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