How to Organize an Office Most Efficiently

Keeping your office organized can be challenging and overwhelming. The key is to design a system to manage your paperwork and to let you run your business.

6 Simple Steps

  1. Eliminate paper that is not needed. Electronically save your paperwork in a PDF or document file. Place your “To List” on your iPhone, iPad or send yourself an email.
  2. Label your files by using a “label maker”. By color coding your labels will safe time retrieving your documents.
  3. Files that need to be kept in storage, place in clear keeping them in a climate-control area. Label and date the bins to retrieve when needed.
  4. View the space in your office. Decide what needs to stay in your office and what can go into storage. If you are keeping your plastic bins in your office, stack bins to appear neat and in order.
  5. Arrange your office and equipment where it will best suit your work needs. Having access to outlets and a clear path to walk-in should be considered.
  6. Office Supplies should be kept in an area where they will be visible with easy access. 

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