First Impressions are Lasting Impressions

Your communication and the image you present, both personally and within your business, create your first impression, and unfortunately, sometimes your last impression.

While you may have impeccable skills and qualifications to perform a service or sell a product, you may not make it past the “first impression” if you have not given serious attention to your professional image.

Your goal in personal and business presentation is to avoid negativity. You want to be noticed, recognized and to have a positive influence.

It is important that you and your business convey success. If you fall short to present a sharp, successful, professional image, your prospect may not feel confident doing business with you. Your personal and business presentation can distinguish your abilities and credibility. If you are inconsistent in the details, you may be losing business. Be thorough with the information you are sharing, which will portray confidence to your clients.

Dress for Success – Try to avoid extreme fashion that can be distracting. When you look like a professional, you will be perceived and valued as a professional.

Phone Appearance – Be sure your initial greeting is professional. If callers like what they hear, chances are your business will be perceived as knowledgeable and confident.

Voice Mail Messages – When leaving a message for someone, leave your name and phone number. Give enough information and remember to speak slowly. At the end of your message, repeat your number to avoid your message being replayed.

Logo – Your logo should be easy to read and reflect your company’s personality. A web designer or professional artist will make sure your design has a professional look.

Marketing – Appearance is important in marketing. All of your materials should look clean and simple and use professional images.

Website – Your website is the stage for your business and sets the tone for potential clients. Your website may be the visitor’s only impression of your company. Therefore, it should be simple and provide visitors’ with who you are, what your company entails, location, and contact information. A professional designed website can increase traffic to your site.

Email Address – Your domain and email address needs to be secure and thought through carefully. Having a generic address (ex:,,etc) can give a message to others you maybe unsure about your business.

Written Communications – Be sure you check your facts, proof read, spell check and have a another person check over your work. If you do not have anyone to proof read your materials, save document and recheck the next day.

Did You Know…Studies have revealed that most people make their decisions within the first 30 seconds to two minutes of wanting to do business with you.

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