DeClutter Plies of Paper in your Office

Tips and Tricks to Reduce Paper Pile Up

Paper clutter not only can give you stress, it will decrease your productivity and revenue in your business. These tips will keep your office neat and organized.

Paperless Statements

Have your  statements emailed to you or visit the companies website. This is an easy way to avoid receiving paper on a monthly basis. When you need to save your statements, make and name the folder and save as a PDF. You will be able to find your documents faster and they will not  be missed placed.

Business Communication

When you need to send a letter, quick memo, etc. conduct your business online. This will save yo time, money and running to the post office to get stamps. Use this method will make your  office more efficient.

Scan Important Papers

You maybe holding on to documents with important information but are no longer needed. Scan your documents to your computer or an external drive. You will be able to find what you are looking for in seconds!


You may be holding on to papers that need to be thrown away and may have important information you do not want to share. Purchase a shredder that will handle the amount of paper you have. If you have to much to shred, you may consider taking your papers to locations that have bulk shredding.



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