Back Office System Set-Up

Having a business running successful means to have everything in order starting from the bottom up. Laying down the foundation will keep your business organized to be more efficient. First starting with your Back Office and why it is important to your business. 

The back office is the part of your business that is the set up of administration and support. Such functions include preparing invoices and getting them out in time, tracking receipts and paperwork, manage database for clients and vendors, market research, bookkeeping and more. Here are a few tips to help your back office to be more efficient.

Set a Daily Schedule

Schedule to work your back office daily. It is best to break up the amount of work for each day to complete in a timely manner:

  • Monday – follow-up with potential leads, send out thank you notes
  • Tuesday – prepare invoices to be emailed
  • Wednesday – sort and file paperwork to keep office organize and retrieve documents quickly 
  • Thursday – update database with new clients, add notes to established clients, schedule appointments
  • Friday – Marketing, Social Media, Website
Use a Tracking System

Having a system to track your process will help you to complete tasks and to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Find a tracking system that works best for you, such as Outlook or Google Calendar, Monthly Excel Spreadsheet, or a Weekly Checklist, you may then  print out on what you are supposed to do.

Have a Filing System

Pick a filing system that works best in your business and that will grow with you. Be consist with files to retrieve information quickly. This can be done with color coding such as using colored files, or hanging folders. You can also file by last name first, then first name or by street address, this will save you time to identify the client or vendor file you need.  Instead of the “Three Tab” file folder, it is best to use a “One Tab” file folder. You can put more information on the tab and remember to use a label maker for easy reading. You now are ready to start  filing your paperwork!

Have Office Producers in Place

Procedures will help your office run efficiently. The responsibilities that are needed for your back office will give a smooth transition to anyone you may hire. It is important to keep your office producers up to date to avoid miscommunication in what needs to be done.

Work Smarter – Not Harder

Taking the time to set up systems to fit your business needs will build a strong foundation to bring you to the next level and off to a great start!

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