Back Office Management Tips

Starting a business, you will quickly learn there is a lot of planning needed to be done. To mention a few areas such as having a business plan, deciding what type of services you will provide, how to market the business, who will be your target market and how to meet your potential clients. 

Back-office management starts with the administrative and support task needed to run your business effectively. Having a well-organized system to file paperwork, keep track of expenses, managing your database and records, filing taxes, etc. will bring productivity and revenue to your business. As an independent professional, it is important to delegate out the back-office tasks needed that is taking time away to bring your business to the next level. Here are a few tips that you can do:

Delegate: hire a professional who has the expertise to help you with your back office. Depending on your needs, filing, invoicing, database management, email marketing, etc. finding the right person will help make your job easier.

Streamline your Documents: having less paper is easy when you are using a software to scan your documents, receipts, invoices, etc. Create a document storage system to keep you organized and easy to find what you need. 

Accounting Software: research a cloud base software program that fits your business. Ex: QuickBooks, FreshBooks, etc. Using the correct program will help you to track your expenses, payroll, taxes and much more. Your accountant can be invited to review your records quarterly to ensure all is good when it comes tax season.

Email Inbox: this is an area that gets most neglected. Start with making categories with folders and names. After you read your email move to the correct category. This will help to save time when you may need to read again for information, etc. You may also go into your search section and type in the name of the email to find quickly. Remember to clean house in your inbox by deleting unwanted emails. It will keep you inbox neat and organize.

Keep in mind the reason you started your business to do the work you love and not to do the work you don’t like in your back office. Closing your eyes to the tasks needed in your back office will not go away. Finding the right solution to manage the responsibilities is a smart move to make as a business owner.

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