Administrative Support

Administrative Services

This list of services is to simply give examples of what administrative support may entail. Together, we’ll put together a package of support that fits your individual needs. 

Database Management/Records Management

  • Fax, Scan or Mail copies of business cards you’ve gathered during the course of the month, entered in to your contact database, mail merge to produce follow-up letters.
  • Enter new prospect leads to be added into your database and personalized mail merge to send introductory letters.
  • Add your clients’ new policy information  into your database and send it to you via email attachment.
  • Email your prospect list to verify your prospects, contact information, telephones contact, verifies spelling, title and address, obtains missing information, makes corrections and returns list you via email attachment.

 Mailing Services

  • Email customer data file which includes the full set of email addresses as well as the unique content for the address.
  • Send mass emails/mailings to recipients, schedule the mailing in the events calendar, constant contact, etc.
  • Prepare mail merge and mailing labels.

Organizational Support

  • Organize stacks of paper/documents and label  mania folders, create a master list,  to place in your file cabinet, with a category list.
  • Prepare your agenda with appointments, personal time, etc. and will email the attachment.
  • Set up a system for your office to be more efficient and running smoothly.

Word Processing

  • Mail, Fax or Scan your meeting notes to be typed and we will email them back to you.
  • Fax/Scan handwritten drafts to be typed/letters and we will fax or email to you for your approval.
  • Mail, Fax or Scan documents, manuals, etc. with handwritten corrections to consolidate them and email to you.
  • Prepare and mail standard confirmation letter to policy owner, tracking annual expiration date of policy and on due date send reminder email to you.