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MDR Administrative Services provides outsourced administrative support services to small businesses and entrepreneurs. If you’re working on a new marketing campaign and taxes simultaneously, you may not have time for the monthly newsletter, too.  And you don’t want to hire a temp, either, who may or may not be effective, and you can’t hire the SAME temp on an “as needed” basis, if you only need one for a month! With MDR, you CAN.

Outsourced Administrative Help

Outsourced Administrative Help
Working with an MDR Administrative Services reduces stress by eliminating unexpected business challenges on an “as-needed” basis, allowing you to focus on achieving the success your business deserves. Outsourcing also provides an incredible number of other benefits, detailed on the “Benefits” page.

With MDR, you pay only for the services you need, when you need them. We operate out of our own offices, and use our own equipment and software, so you save on overhead costs. See the “Rates” page for detailed savings costs!

Effective Accountability & Support Program

Effective Accountability & Support ProgramTo be successful you need to “identify what you want to achieve.” MDR will partner with you to help you feel less stress, overwhelmed, give you advice and guidance to make right decisions for your business. Learn more on the “Services” page and invest in yourself and get results!

Help with Marketing, Newsletters, and More!

Help with Marketing, Newsletters, and More!
MDR is highly experienced and can easily assume responsibility for anything from a complicated marketing project to emailing the weekly newsletter. If you need help prioritizing your workload, we can help with that too. With all things administrative, we’ve been there – and done it – before! Learn more on the “About Us” page.

MDR delivers results. Your work will always be completed on time by our Staff  you can trust with your confidential business matters, who will also provide you the personalized client service and advice you need to help your business grow and prosper!

Special Projects

Special Projects
No project is to small to outsource. We can assist you when you are overwhelmed in working your business and running your office. Hire our services as needed for your Projects/Monthly Admin Tasks


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